Figma to custom WordPress template development.

Creaton of custom template for large coworking space in Ukraine.

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Big coworking and conference space in Vinnytsa, Ukraine offers a wide range of rental services such as business rooms holds up to 12 people, lounge zone - the area with panoramic views of the city center can accommodate up to 50 people, lecture room holds up to 20 people - a cozy corner that is ideal for meetings, small seminars, workshops and games, large meeting room for 50 people and huge open space for 170 people - Ideal space for concerts, literary evenings, stand-up shows, exhibitions.


Modern space needs its modern representation. team has created 10 pages website using WordPress by developing a custom template from scratch according to Figma designs. All elements are created from scratch without heavy CSS libraries and builder blocks for better performance. The classic combination of jQuery and WordPress makes the website more alive and user-friendly.  Lots of small design elements all over the website make you feel comfortable like in a well-organized coworking space.


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