MVP design and development for Ukraine in color

Multi-tool for colorization of black&white photos on React with Storefront on WordPress / WooCommerce.

React, Node, Express, external API's, WordPress, WooCommerce,  Figma


About Ukraine in color

Ukraine in color is a Ukrainian startup, that aims to unite scientists, collections, cultural institutions in one place by developing a modern tool to store, manipulate and share historically important documents.


Good looking MVP - key to successful funding

When it comes to design - visual aspect is the first and the most import key to a heart of the user - and ofcourse investor. Ugly sites are in the past and it's time to build new interactive experiences based on years of design history and tones of UI/UX discoveries. 

thisisright decided to use free fonts ukrainian font artists in combination with some classics from google fonts, rainbow pallete and simple as possible interface to get the user what they want first - the colorization tool. Along with main page thisisright designed the whole bunch of user flows including personal cabinet and different image manipulation settings for future integrations. 

Reactivity and scalability in mind

The goal of any startup is to bring a great idea into reality in the most efficient way possible in short term.  The web application is the heart of Ukraine in Color startup and plays the most important role in the proof of concept lifecycle. Using React is the most common way of creating something big by starting small. 

Ukraine in Color was looking for a fast and solid solution with scalability in mind to test the main feature in specific markets and be able to present their idea in international fundraising fields.

thisisright was originated around this project to design, develop and put together React application, WordPress storefront, and everything related to it.

Simple and powerful code base is ideal for small startups

React so far in 2022 stands as the best front-end library with a wide range of opportunities and plenty of specialists in the field. The power of having a simple and powerful code base is ideal for small startups which are willing to become big, step by step without global refactorings and changing technologies.

Using the most commonly used modules thisisright created a one-page application to process colorizations simple and fast. Uploading and downloading results is as simple as two clicks - open finder and choose the file, the rest is done by integrated API for colorization and a mix of actions between front and back ends.


WooCommerce as the most fast and easy to use storefront solution

Obviously, WordPress still holds its high position in the world of website creation. Nowadays it is even more powerful with Gutenberg builder in it.  Using a small amount of well-made and continuously maintained plugins  - life becomes even easier. So the choice of technology was made. - Zero cost - Maximum effort thanks to WordPress.

To create a simple storefront for proof of concept and be able to integrate it with React App in the future thisisright set up a subdomain and WooCommerce Storefront WordPress template, giving the marketing team a tool for monetization and opportunity to market their new ideas as easy and fast as possible with minimum cost and maximum opportunities.

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