Project lifecycle

Stage 1: Project overview

Submit brief information

Fill out a short form with the major needs of the project and requirements. We will get back to you shortly in one or two days with details and further steps.

Introduction call

Quick video call with project manager. Introduction of each other and  discussion of the project  needs, deadlines, technologies etc...

All collected information will be discussed with the team and a list of questions will be formed. 

Stage 2: Planning / Contract

Second meeting: roadmap, estimate solutions

At this moment some clarity about project is already on the PM table after team discussed the roadmap, technologies, options and everything necessary for it's implementation and is ready to be presented for a project owner.

Contract discussion

Video call for a finalizatoin of roadmap, budgets and requests from project owner. Final contract prepared and ready for signature.

Stage 3: Design / Development


According to design brief provided by project owner, design road map is being presented and turned into reality


In parallel with designing, arhcitecture and necessary environment is being prepared. Development road map is in progress and teams communicate between each other on a daily sync up meetings.

Stage 4: Delivery / Maintenance

Final delivery

After job being done and no changes  requested, further steps of maintenance are being discussed. All credentials and instructions are delivered to the project owner. Special instructions for teams are provided by request.


After publication, especially if it's new unusual project, first touch not always can be as expected and analytics or cold thinking may show that some approaches can be improved. For each project this period is different: some of them in well known niche and work well from day one, some need some time for warm up. Anyway our specialist will stay in touch with owners to help with any idea or issue during future early stage of the project live.

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