We create complex Web applications and high-level designs with a team on demand.

We create long-term living setups based on detailed client assessments.

Web development

Development, launch and maintainance of web apps with React, WordPress, HUGO, Gatsby and many more. Customizations and migration of existing project. 

Design and UI/UX

Development of wireframes, mockups and designs of the mobile and web apps. User interface conceptualisation based on a detailed assessment of the user's roles and use cases.

Refactoring / Set up

Full audit and further refactoring of existing projects for better compatibility and integration. New environment set up. Improved pipelines for staging and production. Advanced analytic tools.

Project lifecycle.

Stage 1: Project overview

Detailed overview of your project with team representative.

Stage 2: Planning / Contract

Shaping a project roadmap, organizing team, signing a contract.

Stage 3: Design / Development

Using modern management approaches our team implements the project based on requirements.

Stage 4: Delivery / Maintenance

Deploy to different environments. Providing all necessary tools and documentation to the project owner.

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